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History of the Zajicek (Hare) and Riemer families

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Latitude: 41.2033216, Longitude: -77.1945247


State/Province : Latitude: 41.2033216, Longitude: -77.19452469999999


Latitude: 41.2033216, Longitude: -77.1945247


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BERLIN, Jacob  Abt 1837PA I20 ZBerlin 
2 BERLIN, William E.  22 Nov 1866PA I5 ZBerlin 
3 BOATMAN, Elias  Abt 1769PA I01070 RiemerZajicek 
4 BOATMAN, Henry  Abt 1770PA I01072 RiemerZajicek 
5 BOATMAN, John  Abt 1776PA I01085 RiemerZajicek 
6 BOATMAN, Robert  Abt 1778PA I01093 RiemerZajicek 
7 BOATMAN, William C.  Abt 1788PA I01099 RiemerZajicek 
8 COX, Crosby  Abt 1846PA I3506 ZHickey 
9 DESMOND, John  Abt 1911PA I3443 ZHickey 
10 DOUGHERTY, Annie  Nov 1883PA I57 ZHickey 
11 DOUGHERTY, Cora  Nov 1899PA I3524 ZHickey 
12 DOUGHERTY, Crosby  3 Jul 1912PA I3503 ZHickey 
13 DOUGHERTY, Daniel  Abt 1876PA I54 ZHickey 
14 DOUGHERTY, Florence  Apr 1885PA I3520 ZHickey 
15 DOUGHERTY, Harry E.  Nov 1894PA I3522 ZHickey 
16 DOUGHERTY, Helen  1904PA I3 ZHickey 
17 DOUGHERTY, Helen  Abt 1919PA I3504 ZHickey 
18 DOUGHERTY, Henrietta  Dec 1896PA I3523 ZHickey 
19 DOUGHERTY, Ida Martha  Abt 1909PA I48 ZHickey 
20 DOUGHERTY, James  Abt 1906PA I3526 ZHickey 
21 DOUGHERTY, John  Abt 1917PA I49 ZHickey 
22 DOUGHERTY, John William  Jul 1890PA I3501 ZHickey 
23 DOUGHERTY, Levi  1905PA I47 ZHickey 
24 DOUGHERTY, Lola  Abt 1907PA I3527 ZHickey 
25 DOUGHERTY, Mary  May 1880PA I56 ZHickey 
26 DOUGHERTY, Mary  Abt 1904PA I46 ZHickey 
27 DOUGHERTY, Pearl  Abt 1912PA I3528 ZHickey 
28 DOUGHERTY, Richard  Abt 1874PA I55 ZHickey 
29 DOUGHERTY, Susan E.  Oct 1888PA I3521 ZHickey 
30 DOUGHERTY, Velva Mae  21 Apr 1921PA I3505 ZHickey 
31 DOUGHERTY, William  1878PA I44 ZHickey 
32 DOUGHERTY, William John  Dec 1861PA I3518 ZHickey 
33 DOUGHERTY, Zachary  26 Apr 1902PA I3525 ZHickey 
34 FOREMAN, Cora Daisy  Nov 1869PA I3519 ZHickey 
35 GILLESPIE, Rachael  Abt 1827PA I14 ZBerlin 
36 GROVE, Alverna  21 Jan 1868PA I4 ZBerlin 
37 GROVE, Jared W.  Abt 1813PA I13 ZBerlin 
38 GROVES, Jacob  Between 1750 and 1770PA I01172 RiemerZajicek 
39 HICKEY, Violet  14 Mar 1917PA I3435 ZHickey 
40 HICKEY, William H  Nov 1863PA I3492 ZHickey 
41 HUNTER, Thomas  Abt 1904PA I3760 RiemerZajicek 
42 LAMONT, Helen  Abt 1939PA I2 ZHickey 
43 MCGINNIS, Hughie David  1944PA I3508 ZHickey 
44 MONOGHAN, Martha  Abt 1901PA I3449 ZHickey 
45 NULL, Michael Benedict  1780PA I02973 RiemerZajicek 
46 PELLETT, Grace  Abt 1873PA I166214 RiemerZajicek 
47 PHELPS, Caroline Louisa  Abt 1839PA I19 ZBerlin 
48 REZIAH  1763PA I02491 RiemerZajicek 
49 SIMPERS, Edna  Abt 1937PA I3487 ZHickey 
50 SIMPERS, Paul Wayne  29 Dec 1913PA I3434 ZHickey 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 DOUGHERTY, Helen  1910PA I3 ZHickey 
2 DOUGHERTY, Velva Mae  13 Dec 1990PA I3505 ZHickey 
3 DOUGHERTY, William  1944PA I44 ZHickey 
4 GROVES, John  PA I01175 RiemerZajicek 
5 HICKEY, Violet  29 Jun 1988PA I3435 ZHickey 
6 MCGINNIS, Hughie David  1945PA I3508 ZHickey 
7 REICHTER, Peter  20 Jun 1777PA I02855 RiemerZajicek 

Military Enlistment

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Enlistment    Person ID   Tree 
1 DOUGHERTY, William J.  7 Jul 1942PA I3500 ZHickey 

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